About India

Welcome to Incredible India! A country where the people live by the principle ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ that translates to ‘Guest is God’. With assorted cultures, beautiful landscapes and a dense population of more than a billion people, India exemplifies ‘Unity in Diversity’. Come & experience the mesmerizing and magical India!

Nestled in the heart of every traveller, India is a country that carves a deep, lasting impression on a traveller’s mind. It is one of those countries in the world that rightly personifies the idea of traveling to a destination that blazes its way more than any other nation in the world. The lush green beauty, exotic architecture, concentrated intensity of colours, cobalt blue lakes, and handsome forts lend an enticing aura to India. Marked by the lofty snow-clad peaks in the north and the sultry sun-streaked glistening beaches in the south, it’s a nation that pulsates with an interesting mix of people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

India’s rich cultural heritage and history can be witnessed through the majestic palaces and forts that stand as a testimony to its regal lineage. The Indian architecture leaves every traveller smitten. These ancient structures were crafted ages ago, having withstood the test of times and they resonate with the glories of the past. India is also home to 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A secular state, India has some of the very colourful festivals that symbolise harmony and brotherhood. It’s a land where almost all the major religions of the world are practiced such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas bring together and hold people by a common chord of brotherhood & amity.

India is a paradise for foodies. Indulge yourself in one of the finest culinary trips of your lifetime. The Indian Cuisine is amongst one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Explore a deliciously diverse repertoire of cuisines. The most famous are the Indian curries which are a complex amalgamation of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. The cuisine in India is a unique assortment of regionally distinct food creations, with each place having its own traditional preparation techniques & styles.

India also is a shopping haven for the shopaholics. There are a variety of enticing handicrafts, textiles, jewellery, furnishings, arts, spices and much more. The popular shopping places consist of open-air bazaars, flea markets, street emporiums, and branded shops in the malls.

Its no secret that a close-knit and well-coordinated system of transport has a massive role to play in the sustained growth of the economy of a country. Thus, India is easily counted amongst those nations that have a sound network of railways, airways, roadways, ports, and inland water transport. And while talking about transport connectivity, the discussion is incomplete without the mention of the metro system, that is the lifeline of the capital city of Delhi.